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Postdoctoral Scholar Appointment Process

Offer Letters

All postdoctoral appointments begin with a formal recruitment. Appointees must be offered positions by the Dean or Director of School or Organized Research Unit (ORU). Offer letters must clearly state the:

  • Length of the appointment
  • Amount of annual compensation
  • Category of postdoctoral appointment being offered
  • Relevant information regarding benefits associated with the offer

Offer letters should be sent at least one month prior to the beginning date of the appointment. Potential postdoctoral appointees must also accept the offer in writing. Please work with your sponsoring unit staff for more details on the appointment process.

Terms of Appointment

All postdoctoral appointments are initially for a one-year period. All postdocs are required to work and be compensated at 100-percent time. Exceptions to less than full-time appointments must be initiated by the postdoc and endorsed by the appropriate university officials.


The reappointment process must be initiated by the current postdoc's PI or advisor, and processed through the School or ORU. Make sure to speak with your PI or advisor several months in advance prior to termination of the existing appointment to determine if a reappointment will be offered.

List of Sponsoring Academic Units


School of Engineering                              Annie Rossi, Academic Support Assistant

                                                               T: 209-228-2261



School of Natural Sciences                       Sauci Xiong, Academic Personnel Specialist

                                                               T: 209-228-2286



School of Social Science, Humanities       Becky Smith, Manager of Academic Personnel

 and Arts                                                 T: 209-228-2950



Sierra Nevada Research Institute             Coty Ventura, Business Officer

                                                              T: 209.228.7674



Health Sciences Research Institute          Trevor Hirst, Executive Director

                                                              T: 209-756-6417